Peter Zilahy Ingerman, PhD, FBCS - Consultants

We specialize in Computer, Human, and Systems Symbiosis... making all of the parts work together simply and smoothly for the benefit of all the parts!

Helping the Customer Clarify What They Actually Want !

There is a story on the Internet about a programmer who was offered the following assignment: "We have all this data ... can you write us a computer program that will do something with it".

When asked what they wanted the program to do, the response was "Oh, whatever it is that computers usually do".

This kind of "request" presents a real challenge. I've had a couple that were close ... and ended up spending quite a bit of (often, billable) time educating the requester so that the problem could be brought into a focus visible to both of us.

While processing and juggling data can be fun, it isn't useful work unless there is an agreed-upon goal in mind.

I've evaluated data for evidence of discrimination. I've taken data from disparate sources and combined them into a single unified, interrelated, data base. I've analyzed the flow of data (and materials!) to make procedure recommendations to reduce the minimum processing time. I've discovered "lost" data, where what was being tracked was the file folder containing the data, but not the data themselves.

How can I help you figure out what you really need? Remember, my tag-line is ... "Computer, Human, and Systems Symbiosis" ... making all of the parts work better as a whole!