Dating an Aquarius Man - When you Fall in Love with an Aquarius-Guy

Aquarius men are creative, dynamic, intelligent and open-minded individuals who enjoy life and are out to conquer the world with their original theories. The Aquarius men is not your average guy - he is a rebel, so the regular flirting tactics probably won't work on him. If you want to seduce the Aquarius, you need to stand out from the crowd in term of your approach to life. Reveal your individuality in opinions and actions. Having strong opinions will definitely catch his attention and you can talk about social issues.

Aquarius men are attracted to the new and different. Men born under the Aquarius star sign are not comfortable in deeply emotional relationships and their actions are governed by their rational mind. These guys are cool and collected, so they try to stay away from messy affairs.

The thing about romantic relationships with Aquarius men is that they need to feel free. They are not the guys next-door who like a bit of dating and then willingly go through the ritual of marriage, children and divorce. Aquarians are definitely not the people who will succumb to any value system just because it has been validated by tradition. If you're looking for someone who can express his emotions, then the Aquarius man is not the one for you. He is cool, calm and detached and he's looking for a woman with a similar temperament. For him romance is more about intellectual compatibility and companionship. First you need to be a good friend to your Aquarius man with whom he can look forward to an intelligent exchange of ideas and thoughts.

Although they believe in keeping an emotional distance in their relationships, Aquarius men are likely to have many friends and acquaintances. This is a result of t heir sociable nature and their tendency to be polite in company. Many Aquarians will keep in touch with their friends even after they have been married. Aquarius men are progressive thinkers who are always thinking about how they can make the world a better place to live in. The Aquarius man is likely to be a little more eccentric than the other zodiac signs. These people are stubborn and very independent, so don't try to change everything about them and don't try to force them to be someone they're not.

If you want to keep the relationship running smoothly, make him feel comfortable without forcing him to call you every hour, to have dinner every night or question his whereabouts every time you make a phone call. He is interested in dating a smart and open-minded woman who is curious about the latest trends in technology and fashion.
The Aquarius man needs a woman who can respect their freedom and independence without getting involved in a complicated relationship. For those who understand him, the Aquarius man can be a lovable and fun partner.