Speaker Spotlight: Dave Sollee

    Tell us about yourself and explain your role at Providence Community Church    

          I am a proud husband of 2 ½ years to my beautiful wife Sunny. ‘#together’ we lead Sand Creek Home Group! My official title is Executive Director of GO Teams at Providence Community Church and I have been on staff since we launched back in March of 2013.  I am blessed every week to oversee many of the “back of house” needs at Providence and work with our volunteer leaders to make sure that every time we gather, God is glorified in a distraction-free, Christ-honoring, environment.

If one desires to do missions, where should they go?

     If you call Providence home and are interested in missions I want to encourage you to first get plugged into community at one of our 7 home groups. These scattered, missional, communities are essential in advancing the gospel locally. As the Church, WE are responsible to reach our neighbors and communities with the message of reconciliation. Local missions are often overlooked in lieu of going somewhere more exotic or cooler (literally) than here in Houston. However, the burden of being a missionary and a missional people falls squarely on all of our shoulders and God has you right where you are because He ordained for you to be here; the call to make disciples is not location specific, it is a lifestyle!

As a church that does support both local and international missions, if you do have the call to go overseas, Providence has opportunities on a yearly bases to go on international mission trips. When considering the sending of missionaries from our local body to those who are far away, we do look to send those who live on mission in their daily context. If you were not missional at home, why would you be far away? Also, as faithful stewards of the resources that Jesus has entrusted to us, we look to be strategic in our approach and faithful in our planning and execution of any Providence sponsored trip. We want to reach as many people as possible with the gospel of Jesus and that takes prayerful preperation, manpower, finances, and strategy.

As always, you can stay informed of upcoming opportunities by checking out our website or any one of our social media outlets (The City, Facebook, or Twitter). Also, if you have the call for international or local missions, we would love to know about what the Lord is doing in your life. Feel free to contact me personally at Dave@providence-community-church.com to find out more about our missionary sponsorship and sending process.

     Should every mission trip taken by Providence members be affiliated with PCC?

     First, we encourage all PCC members to pray and consider aligning their hearts with the vision of Providence. Providence has a number of connections and resources that can be very useful for the mission experience, and we are always more powerful in groups, but in short, no. The Lord is bigger than one church and His plans have a scope that is far wider than any one church can dream of reaching. There are many Christ-honoring missions organizations that are not affiliated with a particular church body and many opportunities that are coordinated and organized by other faithful bodies of believers that the Lord may grant us the chance to participate in. I recently was able to go on a trip with my good friends at “Sight Ministries International” who are affiliated with another local, faithful, body of believers. If the Lord has plans for you to go somewhere in particular, He WILL be faithful to grant you the opportunity to GO.


Is there anything that you’d like to expound on from your sermon?

          I want to reiterate that being a missionary is not where you go but who you are wherever you go. Being a missionary is an identity and not a geographical location; it is an integral part of following Jesus. We are called to make disciples of ALL and who better for us to reach than those who we are in contact with on a daily basis. The more disciples that are made the more exponential the impact that we can have on our community, country, and across the face of this globe. God desires to reveal His glory TO us and THROUGH us. The real question is are you allowing Him to do that in your life everyday?

Below is a video that I had the privilege of putting together.

I want to close with the benediction that we are challenged with every week:

Go now and share the love of God that has been shown to you. Love God and love people.


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