Spanish American War

When America became a world power

The Spanish American War was the war that sent America off into the world. It created a super power that will remain strong for many years to come. This war lead to Americas  involvement in many other world affairs, such as WWI and in the Panamanian revolution which gained us the right to construct and use the panama canal. Below is a map of the paths taken to Cuba and the surrounding countries by the U.S. Navy and the location of Sampson's and Schley's Blockade that blocked all reinforcements that Spain tried to send to Cuba.

This war showed the world that the United States can defend its self and whatever country it finds in need of protection. After the war, the U.S. became and imperial power and forced many countries such as japan to begin trading with them.

If the U.S. never intervened in this war, we as a country most likely wouldn't have become a super power and developed into the country we are today.

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