Lake Shore State Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin sits the unique Lakeshore State Park. The park's footprint spans 22 acres and offers several unique amenities to its visitors. The park is open to guests annually from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. which offers ample time for fun and exploration. It is situated on the massive Lake Michigan shore which offers outstanding fishing year round. Lakeshore State Park is also home to a fabulous marina where slips can be reserved up to eleven months in advance. These amenities encourage boaters and their families to spend a day or weekend at the park recreationally. Fishing opportunities are also available in Quiet Water Basin from the fishing pier.

In addition to the many great amenities the park mentioned, Lake Shore also houses Marcus Amphitheater. This theater hosts music, concerts and performances of all types and sizes. The amphitheater is accessible through one of the many winding, running and walking trails located throughout the park. Milwaukee native, David Albon, is an avid runner frequently visits Lakeshore State Park for recreation and physical activity. He noted, "Lake Shore State Park offers an amazing escape from the hustle and bustle of Milwaukee. Being able to go for a brisk run with Lake Michigan as a backdrop is a unique experience I think all local runners should take advantage of." The park is going to continue to be one of the best in the Milwaukee area as there are currently two major projects underway that are expected to last through the end of 2018. These special projects will help to propel the park's status and continue to grow its unique attributes for nature lovers around the area.

How David Albon Makes Sure Customers Come First

Located less than five miles away from Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sits the historic Brown Deer Golf Course. The course was designed in 1929 by George Hanson who was at one point was the head coach of the men's Minnesota Golden Gophers college basketball team. Brown Deer Golf Course is over 6,700 yards for a par score of 71 and a PGA rating of 72.9. The course is so prestigious that the clubhouse is considered a historic site by Milwaukee County.

The course has played host to many major PGA tournaments in years past, including the U.S. Bank Championship from 1994 to 2009. Many of golf's great players have walked the fairways including Lee Trevino, the "Golden Bear" Jack Nicklaus, and "The Shark" Greg Norman. The course is most notable to golf aficionados as the location where a young Tiger Woods made his professional debut on August 29, 1996. Although the course is no longer home to an annual PGA tournament, it is maintained by the Milwaukee County Park System. This superior upkeep allows golf players from around the country and the area of Milwaukee to enjoy the outstanding golf the course has to offer.

Local golfer David Albon enjoys the challenge the course presents and the atmosphere on the green. "It's unique to be able to play such a well maintained course that legends of the game have played. The fact that it's surrounded by trees helps challenge your skills every time." Albon isn't alone in his appreciation for the course as it is recognized as one of the best courses in Wisconsin.

Golfing in Milwaukee – Brown Deer Golf Course

David Albon conducts his business in a way that customers know they are cared about. His business is most successful because he works to maintain integrity and good ethics in his business. Since he began working as a young child, he has made sure to remember why he began working. It was not for money, but because of a desire to help others. David Albon does not make earning money his top priority. He understands that money will come, but an entrepreneur has to work for it.

He hires his employees himself and he makes sure they understand that customers always come first. He does not believe in sales incentives like commission because he believes these practices sacrifice customer service. David Albon strongly believes that happy customers are the true base of a successful business. He receives a strong sense of satisfaction not only from having completed work with his own hands, but also from seeing the satisfaction on his customers’ faces.

While David Albon is an artist and he sees a vision in everything he does, he always listens to what his customers want. He wants to please his customers to keep them coming back. At the same time, David Albon uses his experience to discuss with his customers what would be in their best interest combined with what they want. David Albon still believes that everything that happens should be what the customers want. The customers are always satisfied and they appreciate what has been done for them.


Multitasking is a beautiful thing that many people have differing opinions on. Some say women's brains are better suited to the task, others say it is a function computers allow us to do to a great extent. True multitasking seems like an impossibility. Can you really focus on two things at once, or is the extent of our abilities limited to switching between tasks at quick, almost unnoticeable speeds? For the sake of argument, let us say that multitasking is the ability to switch seamlessly between multiple tasks. In a macro view, it is easy to multitask. One multitasks daily by going from home to work to home again. Not to mention other things such as school and entertainment. Maybe even another job. Maybe a hobby.

Multitasking on a micro level is what becomes difficult, and is generally attributed to the subject where women hold more ability. A computer makes things easy by allowing one program to be at the forefront with the ability to switch to any other program quickly. But what about carrying on a conversation while you type an Email? Multitasking gets hard very quickly when communication is involved, especially when it is between two people who are multitasking already.

David Albon was a master at multitasking on the macro level and has gone through multiple stages of school, work and family life. He also realizes his limits on the micro level and has striven to give his family and his work the focus they deserve through his entire life.

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