David Coury

Coury of ZARR Car Club Rental

About David Coury

Entrepreneur David Coury serves as chairman and founder of ZARR Car Club Rental in Delray Beach, Florida. With over a quarter century of experience in business management, Coury advises the firm on short- and long-term strategies and growth solutions. ZARR Car Club Rental allows individuals without a credit card to rent cars by conducting the necessary pre-qualification work and, upon approval, providing customers with a pre-paid card that can be used at any of the company‚Äôs affiliate rental locations. With a onetime $49.99 fee plus $6 per month membership fee, people without credit cards can rent cars and have access to features traditionally limited to credit card holders, such as collision insurance and fraud protection. To apply for a card or to read more about David  Coury's company, visit www.carclubrental.com.

In addition to overseeing ZARR Car Club Rental, David Coury holds management positions at DAC Consulting and Worth Avenue International Realty. He and his team of experts at DAC Consulting provide guidance in business development, due diligence for upcoming initiatives, and assistance with financial and estate planning. Through Worth Avenue International Realty, his company serves to provide the personalized service to clients in South Florida looking to find high-end homes in Florida and overseas.

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