David Berkowitz of Chicago – Adventuring in Chicago

David Berkowitz of Chicago - Filmmaking

Being a filmmaker can be a very challenging task. Filmmakers ultimately want to convey a compelling feeling or thought to an audience, however they are in an arena where exceptional audio, visuals, plot line and message are all equally as important to the finished product. Movies are a multisensory experience that require a multitude of elements to complement each other in a way that will make the movie a great one.

First, there must be a great story. A good story gets the audience to relate to or at least invest in the emotions of their characters, while also building a story around those characters that allow them to develop and flourish. The next big step is to have strong visuals, which takes the mind and vision of a photographer. Using effects and techniques and cinematography will help enhance the sensory experience of your film. And lastly, your movie needs a compelling audio track in order to keep the attention of your audience. A quality score and effective sound bites will tantalize the ears of your viewers and make them more invested in your film.

Lastly, the story needs to be something that a general audience can relate to. This involves breaking down the core aspects of what grabs the interest of your audience. Whether its romance, comedy, horror or drama your viewers seek, you need to give them feelings, laughter, fear and concern for the outcomes of the characters they have become so invested in.

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Packing for Your First Road Trip

Heading out on your first road trip is incredibly exciting. In this way, you can get a first-hand look and feel for every region of the country. Road trips are a fantastic way to meet people and get out of your comfort zone, and unlike vacations where you hop on a plane, you will discover all sorts of unexpected treasures and excitement on road trips. There is always wonder to behold, from hole-in-the-wall restaurants to strange and out-of-the-ordinary tourist attractions. David Berkowitz of Chicago, a professional photographer and videographer just completed a cross-country road trip to film his first full-length documentary project, and he recommends these tips for having a fantastic road trip.

1. Bring music for all moods. It is fully possible that you will feel the full spectrum of emotions while on your road trip, from excitement to inspiration to downright frustration. Having a plethora of music genres will ensure that you have the right song to compliment every mood, considering that you may not have access to the radio at all times.

2. Bring plenty of extra food and snacks for the road. You never know where you may end up. If for some reason you end up in the middle of nowhere by accident, and it’s past dinner time, you will be able to hold yourself over until you reach civilization again.

3. Even if you have a GPS, be sure to bring maps with you of all the regions you will be driving through, or pick them up on the way. If you should for any reason need to depart from your original route, or your GPS begins to act up, you will be prepared.

Art in the Wild - Wilderness Photography

As a professional wilderness photographer, David Berkowitz of Chicago considers himself incredibly lucky to be able to do what he loves most. For days on end, he will stay in the backcountry to wait for the perfect light, a thrilling bear or elk sighting, or the most awe-inspiring landscape shot. With wilderness therapy, the stakes are high, and you simply have to be prepared for any situation, such as bad weather or injury. The following tips will ensure that you are safe and able to take the highest quality photos.

  1. Commit to a plan before setting off on your journey. Of course, you are going to find surprises when you are out and about, but only pack what you are planning to photograph. Don’t bring any extraneous equipment that will weigh you down, and, as a result, slow you down.
  2. Be prepared for any weather, especially if you are going to be out for an extended period. If you know that you’re going to be hitting bad weather, ensure that you have the proper hiking boots, rain attire, warm clothing, and protective gear for all of your equipment. Getting caught in bad weather without being prepared for it can be dangerous. Don’t chance it.
  3. Avoid areas that you have already seen photographed. You want to add a new voice to the conversation of photographs that have already been taken. Stray off the beaten path somewhat. Find new and exciting elements and features of the area that you’re photographing.

David Berkowitz of Chicago – Adventuring in Chicago

David Berkowitz of Chicago is a man of many talents. He’s an artist who specializes in photography and videography. He’s well known for his photos of nature and urban settings. He also has a documentary in progress about the new urban hiking movement.

Though an artist, Berkowitz also somehow has time for backpacking, skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. David is known for being constantly on the move, looking for his next artistic opportunities.

Berkowitz was born and raised in the Windy City, and grew to appreciate everything the city has to offer. Whether it was restaurants, skate parks, the lakefront or music, Berkowitz is a true Chicagoan, a city that accommodates his nomadic nature. A simple hike through the city can take you to places virtually unknown to locals or tourists, giving you a break from the hustle and bustle.

Berkowitz also finds that his photography has taken off as a result of his Chicago subjects. His photos are both urban and natural, a pleasing juxtaposition that has earned him many awards and critical attention.

David wants his documentary on urban hiking a lot of attention, so people in cities all over the world can experience this unique brand of hiking. He hopes that those who visit large cities can take the opportunity to take a journey, instead of haphazardly visiting individual landmarks.

David Berkowitz of Chicago is an artist, a backpacker, a sportsman and all-around adventurer. Thanks to his images and documentary, many people will be able to find their own inner adventurer, right where they are.

David Berkowitz of Chicago – Great Lake Surfing

When you think of surfing, you probably think of Southern California or tropical Florida. However, there are many places on the East and West coasts where surfing is popular, including some places that don’t even touch the ocean.

David Berkowitz of Chicago catches his waves on Lake Michigan, one of the six Great Lakes. An adventurer at heart, Berkowitz has surfed all over the world, though surfing the lake by his hometown of Chicago is his favorite venue of all.

Many people don’t know that it’s possible to surf on a lake. Due to the size of the Great Lakes, they can produce waves for the same reason the ocean can. Because of windy weather in the vicinity of the Great Lakes, the force transfers to the water creating waves.

Good surfing waves on the Great Lakes appear mostly during fall, winter and spring because the weather patterns that create the waves are most active during those times of year. Surfing is possible during the summer, but not as much as when the seasons are in transition.

David Berkowitz of Chicago surfs every year on Christmas Day, waves permitting. Of course, surfing in winter does carry the risk of hypothermia if you are not properly suited up for the cold water. One benefit to Great Lake surfers is that there is no risk of shark attack, although the other hazards of surfing do still exist.

Great Lake surfing brings a whole new dimension to the sport. David Berkowitz Chicago is dedicated to the sport and encourages all who visit during the surfing season to give it a chance.

David Berkowitz of Chicago - How to Catch a Baseball

First, one should always keep their eyes on the ball, no matter what position they are playing. Ball movement is essentially what will determine the difference between a win and a loss, which means you should be on guard for any instance in which the ball could come your way.

Next, it is very important to have a proper glove to handle any ball of any speed coming your way. It is very important to consider your position when buying a glove, because catchers often get larger gloves with more padding to endure all the fastballs and curveballs that come their way. Because other defensive players need to move around more, they often have lighter gloves so they can move faster. Either way, it is good to have a glove that fits comfortably and isn’t too worn down so that your hand is properly protected.

Lastly, there’s making the catch. It is easiest to get directly in front of the ball in order to make a clean catch. If it is low or on the ground, flip your glove so that your palm us facing up and you can scoop the ball. If it is coming directly towards you, you can put your glove in front and use your other hand to support the back of your glove hand. If it is a pop fly put your glove up high with the palm facing the sky. And in all instances, squeeze the glove as soon as the ball hits the palm to hold onto the ball.

David Berkowitz of Chicago - Learning to Skateboard

Skateboarding is a sport that requires as much creativity as it does agility and balance. When learning to skateboard you should know a few basics off the bat in order to have a safe and fun experience. Below are some fundamentals to practice when skateboarding.

First of all, determine which side of your body is more comfortable for riding a skateboard. Some people ride with their left foot forward, while others do so with their right. Neither side is better than the other, it’s just simply a matter of what’s more comfortable for you.

Second, learning to push the skateboard is important. You push the skateboard by keeping one foot on the board while using the other to push your body and the board forward in a running motion. By doing this you must also be ready to take your pushing foot off the ground and place it back on the board, so as to ride the board once it has gained sufficient speed.

Lastly, you will need to know how to turn the board. This comes by shifting the weight in your body in one of two different fashions. If you have a board with an elevated tail, you can press on your back foot, which will lift the front of the board that you can then guide with your front foot. If your board has no elevated tail, you can place your weight on your heels or your toes in order to turn.

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David Berkowitz of Chicago - Visit Washington

There are so many great things to do in the state of Washington. Perched up in the Pacific Northwest, Washington is the northwestern most of the continental United States, having close proximity to British Columbia, which is only a ferry ride away from Seattle. Below is a list of some of the things you can do while in Washington.

Visit Mt. Baker

Known for getting the most precipitation on an annual basis than any other mountain in the United States, Mt. Baker is an outstanding destination for skiers and snowboarders who want to get a taste of the skiable terrain in the Northwest. With reasonable ticket prices and close proximity to the city, Mt. Baker is excellent for a day trip with friends.

Go to Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainer is also one of Washington’s most-visited peaks, and with good reason. Not only are the views breathtaking, but the surrounding region is known for its delicious cherry and apple orchards, which produce some of the tastiest fruit in the country.

Visit Seattle

There is so much to do in Seattle that a single day can’t do it justice. Not only do you have to go visit Pike’s Place market to catch a flying salmon, but you should also go catch a Seattle Seahawks game at CenturyLink stadium or even go check out a band in the city’s vibrant music scene.

David Berkowitz of Chicago – Road Trip Tips

Road trips are an epic right of passage for teenagers and young adults all over the country. They are also a family bonding experience that many parents are sure will bring their families closer together. David Berkowitz of Chicago frequently takes road trips as an opportunity to further his photography career. Whatever your reason, here are some tips to help you make the most of a road trip.

First, plan your route. Decide now if you want to take mostly Interstate freeways, or if you want to enjoy a more scenic route on back roads. When you plan your route, take into account when you need to reach your final destination, and allow yourself some wiggle room with your timeline. If you see what looks like the roadside attraction of a lifetime, you don’t want to have to pass it by because you are on a deadline.

Before you leave, make sure you have your valid driver’s license and your vehicle’s registration with you. Make sure you have a fuel rewards card, because you are going to need to make a lot or pit stops and it is going to add up fast. David Berkowitz of Chicago takes frequent road trips, and he always uses a fuel card when he does.

Make sure you have some cash on hand for any unexpected tolls. As a precaution, you’re going to want to text a family member or friend with your location when you stop for the night. It may sound overly cautious, but in case there is an emergency, someone should know where you are.

A road trip is a great way to see the country, bond with family and friends, and experience the freedom that comes from the wide-open road. Get prepared, make a plan and then hit the road.

  David Berkowitz of Chicago – Camping in Chicago

Who says you can’t camp out in Chicago? Not David Berkowitz. An avid outdoorsman and nature photographer, he knows it’s possible to go camping outdoors and still experience all that the Windy City has to offer.

First, there’s Starved Rock State Park near Utica, Illinois. It’s only a two-hour drive from the city, and only $35 per night. It has a stunning waterfall, as well as electricity, showers and toilets. You can bring your pets, but leave your alcohol in the city. There are over thirteen miles of hiking trails there, and if canoeing and kayaking are your thing, there are opportunities nearby for you to do that as well.

There’s also Illinois Beach State Park in Zion, Illinois. This beautiful beachfront park has access to showers, firewood and electricity. As a bonus, it’s only an hour and a half from Chicago. This park is David Berkowitz’s personal favorite, as there are plenty of hiking trails that take you through marshes or dunes. There are also plenty of bike trails if that is your preference.

The LaSalle/Pero KOA has very favorable online reviews. There are unique rock formations lining the campgrounds. The hiking trails here lead to some waterfalls and even a small canyon, and only two hours away from the city to boot. Berkowitz has yet to camp overnight here, but he has taken photographs of the rock formations.

As David Berkowtiz Chicago knows, it is possible to get the urban experience of Chicago while enjoying the beauty, peace and quiet of the great outdoors.