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Brave:  I am brave because ever since I was 5 the only thing that has scared me was scary movies and jump scares in games but even though I know its coming also I'm never scared to do something in class unless I know I did something wrong

Active: I am active because I always get involved with sports inside and outside of school such as baseball with friends or hockey with a league or soccer with a league and friends also I would go outside with my sister when were bored and play what ever sport we want to

Responsible: Ever since JK friends and teachers trusted me with tasks that not only they needed help with but with tasks that would help out their/the family/class mates and I had always bin that way

Cheerful: I'm always cheering for my teams and other team that friends or family is playing on and when I lose I don't get sad I think of the positive side of it and think of how I can get better

The place I love With the sport I love


In Canada we do not cower On ice we have a lot of power When we're young we know our fates No booties for us we wear ice skates

We dream of scoring goals galore We pass the puck we shoot it more We do not like our politics In bed we hug our hockey sticks

Our country built around a game Become a pro and get some fame My seond home the ice arena I skate and play so very keena

It's Hockey so Canadian Some players are Arcadian The game now ends lets shout it out Winners cheer and losers pout

Hockey is a national institution in Canada.

-Didn't say but probably a Canadian their  is only 35 million of us it should be easy

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