David Bohn

President of the Classical Academy

About David Bohn

As current President of Thrive Communities, a social venture supporting people with special needs, Dr. David Bohn brings to bear his extensive experience as both a leader of educational organizations and as a scholar. His skills include those necessary to manage the complexities of nonprofits, hire and develop professional talent, nurture diversity, and design as well as execute strategic plans. Each of the above skills proved essential while Dr. David Bohn served The Classical Academy (TCA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as President. Over his two years with TCA, he oversaw a 46,000-square-foot expansion of the teaching facilities, streamlined internal communication procedures, and transitioned the Academy to a more effective inquiry-based pedagogy.

Before joining the academy in 2010, Dr. Bohn improved the operations at Entrust, a Colorado Springs-based education nonprofit, in his capacity as President. After bringing the organization as far as he could, he stepped down following ten years of service in 2009, though he assisted the Entrust Leadership Team as Consultant through 2010.

While his administrative skills owe substantially to his practical experience, those skills come informed by David Bohn's thorough education. He graduated from Trinity International University with his PhD in Education. Prior to he PhD he earned a Fulbright Scholarship to Romania where he research Romania's claim to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. He holds his MDiv from Western Seminary and his BS in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic and State University.

Over the years, Dr. David Bohn has cultivated an international perspective through world travel. He lived and/or worked in such nations as Romania, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, China, and many others. A scholar who appreciates the languages of other cultures, he speaks Romanian and German and has studied both Greek and Hebrew. 

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