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Manufacturing Executive and Community Leader David G. Bohn

About David Bohn

With nearly three decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, David G. Bohn currently directs the development of new business, new markets, and new products as president of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation in Danbury, Connecticut. Shortly after graduating from college in 1987, David G. Bohn began his career with Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation in the inside sales department and advanced to several positions before assuming his current role as president in 1995.

To keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry, David G. Bohn maintains membership in professional organizations such as the American Boiler Manufacturers Association and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, David G. Bohn remains an active member of the local community. Mr. Bohn actively supports a number of charitable and civic organizations including the American Heart Association, the Boy Scouts of America’s Connecticut Yankee Council, Children's Educational Opportunity Foundation of Connecticut, and Danbury Hospital.

Mr. Bohn earned a BA in English and the classics from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. While at Hamilton, he played on the varsity golf team all four years and served as rush chairman for the Theta Delta Chi fraternity.

Staples in an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Redding, CT resident David Bohn serves as the vice president of sales for Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation. David Bohn regularly donates to various local and international charities, including the American Arthritis Foundation.

The Arthritis Foundation was created to fulfill the mission of helping people suffering from arthritis to improve their quality of life by providing them with information and resources for dealing with the condition. One resource that the foundation provides through their website is information about various diets that may reduce inflammation and pain. The foundation recommends a general Anti-Inflammatory Diet to those living with arthritis.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet is not a specific diet, but a recommendation of certain foods that have been found to help control inflammation. Many of these foods are found in the Mediterranean diet, which includes fish, vegetables, and olive oil as its staples.

The foundation recommends eating certain types of fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to fight inflammation by reducing levels of C-reative protein and interleukin-6 in the body. At least three to four ounces of these fish, which include salmon, tuna, sardines, and anchovies, should be eaten twice a week. Since fruits and vegetables are rich in immune system supporting antioxidants, about two cups of fruit and three cups of veggies should be included with each meal. Other anti-inflammatory foods recommended include nuts and seeds, which provide monounsaturated fat, protein, and fiber, and beans, which provide both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

CEOCT Aims to Provide Equal Opportunity Education

As president of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation, Redding, CT resident David Bohn oversees a team of about 90 employees manufacturing products for power facilities. From his home in Redding, CT, David Bohn supports several local and national charities, including the Children’s Educational Opportunity Foundation of Connecticut (CEOCT).

The CEOCT provides scholarships to children in Connecticut in order to work towards equal opportunity education.

Right now, two out of three eighth graders in the US cannot read at an appropriate age level. Of 27 industrialized countries all over the world, the US ranks 25th for performance in math.

There is an unequal weight in this country against low-income children and children of color, who are much more likely to drop out of high school. When low-income children attend private school, however, they are four times more likely to go on to college than those attending public schools.

The CEOCT aims to level out the inequalities in educational opportunities for Connecticut’s children, offering a much brighter future to those that may need better resources to access the sort of education that can help them go on to successful lives and careers.

Executive Insights by the National Association of Manufacturers

Redding, CT, resident David Bohn, president of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation, has 25 years of experience in equipment manufacturing for industrial and commercial facilities. Aside from work, David Bohn contributes time and resources to a variety of charitable organizations and professional groups. Notably, he has been a member of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) since 1995.

A recent project by NAM is its lecture series NAM Executive Insights. The kickoff meeting in February featured NAM's executive leadership, while the July event included speakers from Ecolab, the Marvin Companies, and Cargill Incorporated. NAM held these presentations in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each event featured a roundtable discussion with panels of carefully chosen executives and leaders, as well as question-and-answer sessions. In addition to encouraging education and networking among manufacturers, NAM created the forums to help leaders in Washington, DC, recognize the needs and desires of manufacturers throughout the United States.

Information about past presenters as well as the companies that have sponsored each forum is available at www.nam.org/Events/Executive-Insights/.

2016 ASHRAE Annual Meeting Held in St. Louis

Employed at Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation in Redding, CT, since the late 1980s, David Bohn has worked as president of the firm since 1995. David Bohn maintains membership with several professional associations, including the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Established in 1894, ASHRAE focuses on building systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. The organization keeps its members informed through continuing education courses, publications, and research findings. ASHRAE boasts more than 55,000 members scattered across 132 nations.

In addition to courses and publications, ASHRAE keeps members up to date through its numerous conferences held throughout the year. One annual conference, which occurred on June 25-29 in St. Louis, Missouri, attracted approximately 2,500 attendees. Topics at the conference covered remote monitoring, advances in refrigeration technology, HVAC systems, and renewable energy systems.

Attendees had an opportunity to participate in seminars, workshops, and forums. Keynote speaker Jeff Henderson discussed his journey from incarceration to popularity as a celebrity chef. The annual event also featured networking opportunities through a welcome party, meet and greet, and members’ night out.

The 2017 ASHRAE Building Performance Analysis Conference

For more than 20 years, Redding, CT-based David Bohn has served as president of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation. Augmenting his professional work in Redding, CT, David Bohn belongs to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), which will hold its 2017 ASHRAE Building Performance Analysis Conference from September 27 through 29 in Atlanta.

The 2017 ASHRAE Building Performance Analysis Conference will take place at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel & Conference Center and will address energy modeling for the fifth straight year. The event will also cover content surrounding non-energy building performance assessment and the professionals who perform this work, including designers and modelers.

The conference will include more than 41 presentations, including The Value of Energy Modeling to Architects and Owners, Building Simulation for Policy Support, Selecting the Appropriate Cooling Methodology Solver for Building Block Loads, Building Life-Cycle Carbon Neutrality, and Influencing Design: Analytical Energy Modeling in Early Design Phases. Finally, the event will produce on-demand recordings of presentations, including quizzes through which professionals can earn professional development hours or credits.

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation's API Inject-Aire Burner

Since 1987, David Bohn of Redding, CT, has worked for Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation. He started as a member of the inside sales team and worked his way up to his current role as president of the Redding, CT, company. In this role, David Bohn leads a firm that developed the API Inject-Aire burner.

The first burner to comply with New York City Local Law 87 to reduce the carbon footprint of applicable facilities, the Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation API Inject-Aire burner was installed at Stapleton Houses by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), thereby lengthening the life of the facility’s boiler and limiting its NOx emissions. Further, the new burner consumes 85 percent less electricity than others used by the NYCHA.

Providing unmatched warranties, Preferred guarantees that the burner will reduce boiler thermal shock wear and tear caused by low turn down and high cycling rates. The company also guarantees that the burner will last at least as long as the boiler, which saves the costs associated with expensive retrofits and their required permitting processes.

Advocacy with the National Association of Manufacturers

Based in Redding, CT, David Bohn is the president of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation. David Bohn has been a member of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) since 1995.

Dating back to 1895, the NAM came into being as a result of increased exporting overseas. Today, it represents manufacturing companies of all sizes, and in all industrial areas. Manufacturing contributes over $2 trillion to the United States economy each year, and the NAM advocates for better policies and more jobs.

NAM’s advocacy programs included congressional meetings and sit-downs with policymakers, as well as its State Government Relations Group, which helps to identify critical issues in the industry and see that they are fixed at the state and federal levels. Another of the organization’s advocacy efforts is the Manufacturing Summit held in Washington, DC, each year.

Currently, the NAM is focused on advocacy for more affordable energy, surface transportation, aviation infrastructure, export controls, and immigration control, along with other areas.

Children's Educational Opportunity Foundation of Connecticut

A Redding, CT-area resident, David Bohn serves Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation as president. David Bohn donates to various charities and philanthropic organizations in his community, including the Children's Educational Opportunity (CEO) Foundation of Connecticut.

Founded in 1995, the CEO Foundation of Connecticut granted 400 K-8 students scholarships in 2016. Worth approximately $2,100 per student, the scholarships can cover half the cost of tuition at over 30 private schools throughout Bridgeport, Hartford, East Hartford, and New Haven.

Studies have shown that children from a low-income background are four times more likely to attend college if they attend private K-12 school.

Since 1995, over $17 million has been used to send young children to private schools, and help combat the current gaps in the United States educational system. Overall, the US population could see savings of almost $8 billion per year if just 5 percent of those who dropped out stayed in school and attended college.

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