David M. Giunta

Experienced Investment Adviser in California

About David M. Giunta

As a CPA and real estate broker, David Giunta researches and discovers opportunistic real estate investments for private investors. With more than two decades of experience as an investment advisor and capital allocator, David Giunta has raised and/or managed over $100M of assets.

David Giunta began his successful career in the financial sector by graduating cum laude from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting/pre-law. Immediately after graduation, he began working as a public accountant. In 1992, he joined Arthur Andersen and Company as an auditor for Fortune 500 companies and later went on to work as a securities representative, investment adviser representative, and investment manager of private funds. In 2012, David Giunta founded BlackPlum, LLC, to focus exclusively on real estate investments.

David Giunta also serves on the board of directors for the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County, a cause that is close to his heart. Giunta holds a keen sensitivity for the well-being of children with special needs and has dedicated his time resources to benefit these children and this organisation. The Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County is committed to helping children with down syndrome learn in a different and effective manner. David and his wife are ardent advocates of the integration as opposed to the separation of children with down syndrome from their peers. Children learn from the peers, and, thus, those with down syndrome should attend a typical class. In fact, Giunta's son was the first child with down syndrome to be placed in mainstream classes.