Guatemala the Experience  

david hoang
mr. lee

In the game we played there was five separate groups that consists of the government, the army and wealthy, guerrillas, peasants, and the United States. In the beginning of the game the army and the wealthy had the most power.                                                                                                        The enemies were the army and wealthy v.s. the guerrillas

In this game we lived like we were actual Guatemala citizens and we learned that even though the government seemed to have the power they were really being ruled by the army and wealthy.  Although we were all high and mighty, the peasants leader Hayden was very smart to have an alliance with us and the U.S. We merged our msus into one and we acted as one, but the peasants did have the silence card.

  I was apart of the army and wealthy and it that state of mind I think that the peasants and army/wealthy should not even have contact. But having their leader come to us and talk things out we came to an alliance. I believe that in a real world scenario that would never have happened. We also had an alliance with the U.S., but it seemed that Travis was trying to take the power and it went to his mind. So his team conspired against him and silenced him. Since he couldn't go to the guerrillas being an american he was silenced within his section. I think the U.S. came to a conclusion that they needed Travis to help out on decisions so they unsilenced him. So I think that even though the U.S. was fed up by him they wanted to work as a team so they came together to become a strong force in Guatemala.

I think that the U.S. was the power house in this game. Even though they did not have a lot of msu's they did have a take over card that made things go their way at the end of the simulation. They set their regulations for our country, which made me personally mad because I think having someone else come into our place and tell us what to do was not right. As the  U.S. left to have a conversation, I gave up the idea of joining together and killing them, but it was too late. This really does happen in real life and I think that is why terrorists exist. The emotion they feel from the anger and hate that the Americans give them is scary. Emotions drive us humans to do things and when you are that enraged you are not aware of what are you doing.

In this particular game I think that the power shifted in a positive way because we all came together. And showing that we could cooperate would be an example for other generations that there should not be so much hate and we are all the same so lets come together to have a strong nation. I think everything went well until the U.S. came and messed everything up. Although they did come and shake things up they built a structure for us.

I think that an example in my life would be my family structure. My dad thinks he wears that pants and has the power, but in this family my mom is the army/wealthy. I have a little brother that is 1 years old and I would like to put him in peasantry but him being so young I think my parents go by what he wants to do. I would be with my mom because we get along the most. My older sister Katie would be the guerrillas because she is a rebel and she is sometimes against my mom and me being a momma's boy usually I butt heads with my sister but she is away at college so it's okay.

I think another structure would be my social life. I think that my friends who don't talk as much are the peasants because they really don't have any input in our conversations. The bubbly people are the government because they are level headed and wouldn't want to corrupt our social circle. The bratty kids are the guerrillas because they like to stir things up and cause drama. The U.S. would be the person who is friends with everyone who brought the group together. The army/wealthy would be the kids who are the show offs who everyone wants to be around because they are so interested.

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