David Kislin

A Veteran of the Commodities and Finance Industries

A veteran of the commodities and finance industries, David Kislin’s company seeks out unique properties in the most desirable neighborhoods. With these types of real estate investments, the company ensures high returns and minimal risks for its investors. The company has spearheaded a number of new projects from the ground up and completed conversions in Manhattan and Westchester. David can capitalize on significant experience in tangentially related industries to find and evaluate the most promising investments. Mr. Kislin personally evaluates new potential properties and secures capital from investors while also undertaking daily management of existing investments. In addition, Mr. Kislin oversees creative and strategic planning.

Outside of his professional career, David Kislin sits on the leadership board of the United Jewish Appeal and acts as the president of COJECO, an organization that unites various Russian-speaking Jewish groups throughout New York. COJECO now represents more than 30 groups, connecting them to funding opportunities and strengthening the voice of the greater Russian-speaking Jewish community. As President, Mr. Kislin has helped launch a number of new initiatives and increase the organization’s annual budget. He has also worked to increase the size and visibility of COJECO.

A graduate of Babson College, David Kislin holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration with a focus on International Business. He was a finalist for the prestigious Babson Charm Prize, which represents students with the best business plans.