David Kuehler

A Business Professional with Years of Experience

About David Kuehler

Throughout his career, David Kuehler has proven himself an innovative thinker and exceptional leader. After earning a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, he worked in several industries honing his skills and gaining experience. One of David Kuehler's standout experiences came when he accepted a position as the director of creative development and programming for the Sundance Film Centers. His responsibilities ranged from contributing content to helping develop the digital delivery system.

In 2002, Mr. Kuehler accepted a position as director of Project Platypus at Mattel, Inc. The team's goal was to revitalize Mattel's dolls, including the Barbie franchise. Two years later, he became the founder and design director for Proctor & Gamble's Clay Street Project. This project helped solve some of the company's largest challenges, including the re-launch of the Herbal Essences hair products.

For his work in the field of human-led innovation, David Kuehler has been recognized in major publications, including the Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal.

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