David Master, Bridgeport

Sales and Media Consultant David Master

A resident of Bridgeport, Connecticut, David Master majored in international studies and minored in Spanish at Fairfield University. In 2001, he graduated with a bachelor of arts. After leaving college, he worked as a recruiter and sales representative for Associates of Westport. Located on the outskirts of Bridgeport in Southport, the firm helped David Master hone his expertise in sales and establish strong communications skills early in his career. He later leveraged his talent to earn more high-powered positions at such organizations as e-mail marketing firm TruPro, LLC, and AT&T Advertising Solutions.
In May of 2012, AT&T Advertising Solutions adopted a new brand and name, YP Advertising Solutions. Also known as the Yellow Pages, the company retained Mr. Master as an inside sales professional and media consultant. In this capacity, he brings in more than half a million dollars in advertising each year, utilizes cold calling to build the company’s clientele, and sells digital and print advertising to businesses.