David Neagle

David Neagle - President of Life Is Now, Inc.

For over 14 years, David Neagle has worked as a personal development and wealth consciousness coach with entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and executives. As the founder and president of Life Is Now, Inc., he offers mentorship to entrepreneurs in more than seven countries. Furthermore, David Neagle has been featured in YFS Magazine and on the website, Business2Community.com.

David Neagle came close to death in 1989. Subsequently, during his recovery, he made the commitment to understand and achieve his full potential. He now devotes his time to mentoring others as they come to similar revelations about their own lives. The life coach guides professionals, helping them on their quest to achieve their aspirations and succeed financially.

David Neagle addresses corporate sales professionals and entrepreneurs on personal mastery and business skills at various live events. Professionals may also engage in self-study programs in the comfort of their homes, using materials prepared by the personal development coach. The materials in question include his books, an audio series, a 13-module program, and other resources. In his leisure time, Mr. Neagle is an avid reader. He enjoys reading texts on history, personal growth, spirituality, and business.