David Reindel

Owner of Reindel Retirement Solutions LLc

About David Reindel

As the owner and President of Reindel Retirement Solutions, LLC, David Reindel serves as a nationally renowned expert in the field of retirement preparation. Drawing upon more than thirty years of experience, David Reindel shares his knowledge on the subject of saving for retirement with his peers: adults in their 50s who are fast approaching retirement age. Each week, David Reindel hosts a radio show, “Don’t Die Broke,” where he discusses, often with a guest, topics relevant to retirement preparation. During one program, for example, David Reindel conversed with a property and casualty personal risk manager on the subject of avoiding liability risk while protecting one’s nest egg. In another, David Reindel invited an insurance compliance executive to the show where the two exchanged views on the benefits and drawbacks of reverse mortgages. A probate court judge lent his legal expertise to the Don’t Die Broke program, when he and David Reindel discussed how probate, trusts, and power of attorney affect savings. David Reindel has even addressed the topic of spirituality. With the help of a special guest minister, David Reindel examined the role faith plays when one sets aside funds in anticipation of retirement.

The author of the book Don’t Die Broke: How Annuities Can Guarantee Your Income and Keep Your Retirement from Going Belly-Up, David Reindel lectures at multiple retirement planning seminars each year, offering valuable tips learned from helping over 650 clients live comfortably after retiring. David Reindel enjoys reading in his leisure time, listing Napoleon Hill as his favorite author.

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