David Roberts Hoboken

Longtime Hoboken Civil Servant

About David Roberts Hoboken

David Roberts, Hoboken’s 36th elected mayor, graduated from the political science program at Thomas Edison State College in Trenton, New Jersey. In addition to his political career, David Roberts operates a restaurant in Hoboken called East LA, a family owned business that has been part of the local community for more than 25 years.

In 1985, Mr. Roberts began a long and diverse political career when he was elected to represent the 6th Ward on Hoboken’s City Council. Eventually becoming president of the City Council, he spent a total of 16 years as a councilman before entering into the 2001 Hoboken mayoral race. After replacing Anthony Russo as the city’s 36th mayor, Mr. Roberts served in his new role for eight years. In his inaugural address, he called for the implementation of a plan containing more than 200 recommendations that sought to produce positive future developments for the city. In 2004, the City Council adopted this plan, and in 2007, he was voted to the Elected Officials Hall of Fame.

Symposia Bookstore Builds Community in Hoboken, New Jersey

David Roberts has spent many decades serving the people of Hoboken, New Jersey. At first, he served as a firefighter with the Hoboken Fire Department and earned a citation for valor. In 2001, David Roberts became the city’s 36th mayor, leaving in 2009 after two terms in office. Today, he serves food to locals as the owner of East LA Restaurants, a family business. He also supports the Symposia Bookstore and Community Center.

The only used bookstore in Hoboken, the Symposia Bookstore and Community Center operates a thrift shop for books as well as a venue for community events. A nonprofit corporation designed to benefit the public by making affordable books available to as many people as possible, the bookstore also exhibits the work of local artists and serves as a hub for charity fundraisers.

Located on Washington Street, the Symposia Bookstore offers Wi-Fi for guests. Events at the bookstore include book signings, yoga and music classes, and childbirth seminars. The bookstore is regularly open from noon to 6:00 p.m. and often later into the evening.

New Jersey Firefighters Valor Award

David Roberts is a former Hoboken, New Jersey mayor who served earlier in his career as a firefighter in the city. In 1984, David Roberts received a Class 3 citation for valor when he helped rescue two children from a fire.

Each year, two volunteer firefighters in New Jersey who have shown extreme bravery on the job are presented with Valor Awards by the New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Association. All volunteer firefighters in the state are eligible for the award, so long as their nomination is submitted to the association by January 20th of the following year, and forwarded to the Valor Committee by February 10th. The official application, which must be sponsored by a chief officer of the department, should be accompanied with any relevant supporting material. Media reports, accounts from eyewitnesses, and details provided by fellow firefighters are all examples of useful supporting material. Only two Valor Awards are given each year, though the committee may choose to issue additional certifications of recognition to Valor Award nominees who were not selected. The committee can also recognize a group Act of Valor.

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