David Schugar

President at Equity Gaming, LLC

About David Schugar

As the founder and Principal Partner of RMC Gaming Management in Las Vegas, David Schugar brings a lifetime of experience in casino operations management to his work along with an outstanding record in strategic planning, marketing and promotions, and other key areas. As the head of RMC G.M since 2011, David Schugar oversees a diversified management consulting organization capable of handling all aspects of operational, financial, and legal functions for casinos and resorts.

To this end, David Schugar and his colleagues at RMC G.M work with commercial and Native American casinos to attract investors, manage state and federal regulatory issues, and ensure greater efficiency across all verticals. A proven leader in new and established gaming markets alike, Mr. Schugar helps each of his clients at RMC G.M to maximize their potential through holistic and market-conscious planning.

Aside from his work at RMC, David Schugar runs Equity Gaming LLC, a casino game development firm invested in the creation of new, cutting-edge gaming betting experiences. With a focus on table and slot games, Mr. Schugar has developed a genre of games pertaining to wagering on progressions and repositioning them for playability in a casino environment. Among these, David Schugar and Equity Gaming LLC have developed a series of familiar progression-type games, such as the ability to stop a race after it has begun to make additional wagers. Allowing players to bet at periodic intervals over the course of a race increases the wagers per hour creating an excitingly new gaming experience.

Widely recognized for his expertise, Mr. Schugar has written for the National Council on Problem Gambling’s newsletter, Global Gaming Business Magazine, as well as Casino Connection, and he has taught casino management at the college level. A true veteran of the industry, David Schugar formerly served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Majestic Star Casino and Hotel in Indiana, Vice President and General Manager of multiple casinos in Mississippi, and Director of Operations at some of the best-known casinos and resorts in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

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