David Speiser

Silicon Valley-Based Technology Marketer

About David Speiser

A skilled technology marketer and public and media relations manager, David Speiser of San Carlos, California, owns and operates the strategic tech marketing firm DRSmedia, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. David Speiser earned a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of California, Santa Barbara, before beginning his career in the technology industry in the mid-2000s. As the first employee of Sticky, Inc., he directed business development for the software firm from 2005 until its sale in 2007. Mr. Speiser remained on with acquiring company DeviceVM, Inc., for a year as a marketing director before serving as a founding employee of San Francisco marketing consultancy Stage Two.

David Speiser operated as an account executive at Stage Two for three years. During that time, he coordinated strategic marketing and media generation for dozens of start-up enterprises and new product launches. Mr. Speiser’s day-to-day responsibilities included branding, website management, copywriting, and business strategizing.

In June 2010, the San Carolos executive launched DRSmedia. Today, he and a highly trained team at DRSmedia offer targeted marketing and media relations services to the creators of consumer technologies. Past and current clients range from mobile payment platform BOKU and enterprise software creator Tomfoolery to business networking tool Unsocial and content delivery system Vudu.

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