David Tom Grinbergs - Low T Centers

David Tom Grinbergs has held plenty of executive positions for a variety of companies throughout his successful career as a physician and an executive businessman. In fact, the growth, scaling and leadership with healthcare organizations showcase Grinbergs illustrious career. His understanding of the stakeholders within the healthcare industry at the national level is beneficial to the long-term consistency of a company since the evolution of that environment is influential in the economy. David Tom Grinbergs has a proven track record that continues even to today.

Low T. Centers is the market leader in comprehensive men’s health service. David Tom Grinbergs sat as the President and Consultant for the company for some time. The market leading company was a great place for Grinbergs to show off his experience, knowledge and expertise and push forward with continual success. Low T. Centers have over sixty centers nationally. Under David Tom Grinbergs, the company was rapidly growing nationwide, helping men become aware of potential issues with their health and provide supplement help prevent these health issues. Many men will suffer their health in favor of their children or wife and unknowingly walk themselves into a health concern. Low T. Centers looks to prevent that.

David Tom Grinbergs and Low T. Centers provide consultative services for men. Here they can receive a recommended diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle modification in order to promote a healthier life for men everywhere. David Tom Grinbergs saw great growth and accomplishment during his time as President and Consultant with Low T Careers

David Tom Grinbergs - Alegent Health System

David Tom Grinbergs has a distinguished career that spans many years. Strategic planning, organizational development, and leadership of healthcare organizations highlight the affluent career of David Tom Grinbergs. Grinbergs combines his knowledge and expertise in the clinical healthcare system with his years of experience in management roles and education in leadership to deliver a tried and true track record as a critical management leader for healthcare organizations.

David Tom Grinbergs delivers positive operational and financial results for every company that he has worked with. One of the most useful traits of Grinbergs is understanding of the environment of stakeholders within healthcare on a national level. These stakeholders influence the evolution of the economy, making David Tom Grinbergs knowledge of them necessary.

David Tom Grinbergs functioned in his critical management for the largest non-profit healthcare system in Nebraska and Southwestern Iowa. Alegent Health System had Grinbergs fill a leadership role for the faith-based healthcare system is a System Medical Director. There are nine hospitals in the Alegent Heath System. Alegent has over one hundred sites of service, over one thousand three hundred physicians, and nine thousand employees overall.

Alegent Health System is one of the most successfully healthcare organizations in their industry. Their accomplishments are noted in magazines. Alegent Health System is continually rated by Modern Healthcare as one of the top integrated healthcare networks in the United States, which is great for the large Nebraska and South Iowa system. As the System Medical Director, David Tom Grinbergs has successfully led the non-profit organization until 2004.

David Tom Grinbergs - Rehab Visions, Inc.

There are few who have the experience, intellectual capacity and leadership abilities like David Tom Grinbergs. His career is filled with success stories of bringing start-up companies into large enterprises, and others where he took an already successful company and expanded its efforts.

David Tom Grinbergs served as the Vice President of Medical Services and Chief Medical Director for Rehab Visions, Inc. a part of the Works Occupational Health System in Omaha, Nebraska. The healthcare organization is a seven-hundred employee company that provides rehabilitation and physician services and programs to hospitals. Outpatient clinics, nursing facilities, home health agencies and onsite industrial locations also receive the services and programs from Rehab Visions, Inc. Located in nine Midwest states, the branch of Works Occupational Health System is perfectly located to benefit many hospitals and medical facilities to benefit their patients.

While in these positions, Grinbergs was in charge of the Medical Services Division. David Tom Grinbergs directed, coordinated and monitored the delivery of services as fifteen freestanding physical and occupational therapy clinics and nine full-service occupational medicine clinics. Using his entrepreneurial mindset, Grinbergs placed emphasis on introducing new service lines to accelerate growth and drive the profitability of the company; a strategy that would payoff for Grinbergs and Rehab Visions, Inc. David Tom Grinbergs managed a team of Directors and oversaw five-hundred employees.

Understanding Business and Healthcare

David has served as a high ranking executive for a number of healthcare organizations for more than two full decades. In all organizations, he drastically improved business operations and created momentum for company wide growth. Due to a lengthy career in the healthcare industry, David has developed a number of lasting professional relationships as well as important professional affiliations. These affiliations include the Young Presidents Organization, the American College of Physician Executives, the American College of Healthcare Executives, the American College of Emergency Physicians, and the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians. Not only is he a highly dedicated executive, but he also serves as a board certified physician. His business acumen and his clinical healthcare background have given him the unique ability to understand all aspects of the healthcare industry.

David has the unique ability to see the business side and the clinical side of the healthcare industry and this ability will continue to propel him to further success. He has been the president for a number of major organizations including Low T Centers, Athas Health, LLC, TeamHealth, Inc, and Professional Medical Examiners, LLC.

David Tom Grinbergs has had an extensive and successful career as a healthcare executive within the healthcare industry. He has had a highly successful career and has achieved recognition for strategic planning, organizational development, scaling, growth, and leadership of various healthcare companies. He is currently licensed to practice medicine and surgery in Texas, Iowa, and Nebraska. He has successfully started, managed, and operated healthcare organizations that have reached revenues of over a billion dollars annually. His ability to not only see where a company needs improvement, but how that grow that company as well is unparalleled in the competitive industry of healthcare.

A True Professional

Not only is David a healthcare executive, but he his also a highly trained board certified physician giving him insight into the clinical aspects of the industry as well. Having experience in all realms of healthcare instead of only a single aspect make him a unique adviser or board member to major healthcare organizations across the country. Both organizations had annual revenues that reached beyond a billion dollars, and they have become two of the largest suppliers of outsourced healthcare professional staffing and administrative services. His highly successful career as a professional healthcare executive is showcased by the many achievements in strategic planning, organizational development, scaling, growth, and leadership of various healthcare organizations. CliniGain then leads and directs the monetary recovery on behalf of the provider.

As a leader in the healthcare industry as a high level executive, David has devoted much of his career to creating organizations dedicated to the betterment of the industry as a whole. CliniGain, LLC is a prompt pay and revenue cycle consulting organization that is dedicated to serving hospitals and large physician practices in recovering revenue. He is currently serving as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for DTG Healthcare, LLC and CliniGain, LLC. David is a highly dedicated, highly professional healthcare executive who has acquired over two full decades worth of valuable experience. David Grinbergs has successfully operated a number of healthcare companies, both private and public, including EmCare, Inc and TeamHealth, Inc.

David Tom Grinbergs, through CliniGain, LLC, brings together partnered IT and outside legal professionals to uniquely and efficiently analyze incoming payments to assure they comply with the specific pay laws of the state. One company that he is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for is CliniGain, LLC.