David Woodmansee

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

About David Woodmansee

David Woodmansee currently leverages his expertise in chemistry and research as a postdoctoral researcher with Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, one of the oldest and most respected schools in Germany. Previously, David Woodmansee assisted his fellow students with research endeavors and taught chemistry while pursuing his PhD at the University of Basel in Basel, Switzerland.

David H. Woodmansee began preparing for his career in organic research as a student at San Diego State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He remained at the school to receive a Master’s in Organic Chemistry before traveling to Basel for his doctorate. An efficient professional, he commands experience in a variety of research and analysis methods, including high throughput screening and combinatorial chemistry.

In his spare time, David H. Woodmansee enjoys a range of enriching activities related to the outdoors, the ocean, and surfing. A free-diving enthusiast from an early age, he spends time biking, practicing yoga, visiting museums and other cultural sites of interest, and appreciating good food.

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