A Few Facts About Me!

I am an observer. I tend to analyze situations thoroughly and form opinions later during moments of reflection. I love sharing but I love learning from others more. What will I learn from you today? Let's talk!

Favorite Summer Moment

It had to be my ISTE Ignite...hands down! I love sharing Braeden's story but more importantly, the message of why WE need to share was felt and that was my entire purpose.

Favorite New Summer Learning

I'm so glad that I went to the Discovery Ed session by Kyle on Discovery's FREE resources at #DENSI2014 because I had no idea that so many of them existed!

I took a second look at Peardeck and I really did like what I saw. Great way to build an engaging lesson for any device!

(Fun fact...this entire platform was coded in less than 3 weeks!)

I love love love what's happening over at Desmos and Teacher.desmos.com is always worth a mention! Connect your entire class. Facilitate, collaborate and learn!

Favorite Song of Summer!

Favorite Summer Shots!

Goal for the New School Year

To encourage and inspire growth in not only the teachers that I serve but in those around me daily.


This board was created as a fun way to get learners using a new tool. One of the best way to help learners (students and teachers) become familiar with how a tool works is to get them to craft a story about themselves!