The Texas Performance Standards Project offers an extensive collection of curiosity inducing projects aimed at gifted learners but with a bit of creativity, these projects can be tackled by any student. Technology provides access to tools that give any student the opportunity to think deeper!

TPSP = Innovation

The core of TPSP challenges kids to think about the world as if they can make it better. This is a skill that is necessary for all kids. As a teacher, it's important to understand the underlying thinking that students could be applying. One is "Deeper Learning" and the other is "Design Thinking". There are quite a few correlations between the two but at the core of them both are students a problem solvers, designers, creators, collaborators and globally citizens. Check out the two resources below.


For brainstorming ideas, sticky notes are still one of the best tools for generating thoughts, but digitizing them means not losing those important ideas. Students can use The Post-It app to not only capture images of their ideas but also customize them into groups, digitally edit and share. Students can then easily include these artifacts in their finished product.

Padlet is an online corkboad for ideas. Students can capture ideas as well as links and videos for research in one space. By sharing their link, they can invite the ideas of others into their planning.


Prototyping without Technology

Prototyping can be done with any materials that kids can find, even paper and tape! Some of the most creative involve cardboard, tape, scissors and markers. Check out the two links below!

Remember, a makerspace can be anywhere. It doesn't have to be in a library. All you need are a few supplies and a lot of imagination!

Prototyping with Technology!

Using Build with Chrome, students can build with legos and place their creations on a location in a google map! Master this tool by completing the embedded user training sequence!

Design via browser with Tinkercad

If students have access to a 3d printer, designs can be printed. However, a 3d printer is not required to design!

Prototype using the Adobe ForceEffect App


As mentioned in the brainstorming section, sticky notes and padlet are great for collaboration. Below are a few others, including Google Apps, which are built for collaboration!

Creative Presentation Ideas

Make and code ideas! Get kids blogging through their TPSP challenges. Create a webpage using weebly! Make an interactive presentation. Create a video. Share it!

This does not replace the building of the presentation display for projects requiring it. This is intended to give digital space for the sharing of student research, building and work.

STEM Resources


See a playlist of White Oak ISD TPSP projects below!

Ideas from Other Challenges