By: Zack, Parker, Kaylee, & Hillary

Physical Geography

Location- Divided into 3 loosely defined zones; Southern Pacific Lowlands (includes Mexican state of Chiapas),The Highlands ( includes all of elevated terrain in Guatemala), The northern Lowlands ( covers all the Yucata'n Penninusla)

Major Physical Features- Lake Atitlan,  Atitlan volcano, Sierra Madre Mountain.


Major Leaders- Maj. Gen K'inich & Yak K'uk' Mo'

Leadership Structure- Rulers->Nobles & Priests->Merchants & Artisans->Peasants->Slaves


Major Battles- The Peninsula War & The Battle of the Maya

Enemies- Toltecs, Aztecs, & Incas

Outcome of Battles- Mayas abandoned their cities and fled to jungles.


Trade Items- Obsidian, Jade, Quetzals, & Huipiles

Trade Partners- Mostly traded with each other


Roles of Men & Women- Men ate morning meal quickly before leaving to work in fields. They hunted and trapped animals, helped construct large buildings such as palaces and temples. They also served as soldiers in times of war. Women did domestic work like cleaning, making tortillas, and cared for small children and family animals like ducks and turkeys.

Education- Studied heavens closely. Priests learned about astronomy. Developed a 365 day calendar.

Architecture- Tall temple pyramids, huge monuments, built Great Temple & Round Temples.

Religion- Built their cities around ceremonial and religious temples. They were polytheistic, priests performed blood sacrifices.

Cuisine- Tortillas and Tamales and on special days Hot chocolate.


Mayan Calendar

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