By Maya Morris

España is a country located in Europe. It neighbors France, Algeria, Portugal, Andorra, and Morocco. Here are some basic facts about España:

Population- 47.27 million

Capital- Madrid

Size- 195,364 sq miles

Currency- euro

Religion- Catholicism

National Language- Spanish

Famous Locations in España

Beach of La Concha- a pretty beach in España

The Royal Palace of Madrid-the official residence of the Español royal family

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral- one of the finest Romanesque churches in Spain

Climate and Geography

Different parts of España have different climates. The northern area is cool and humid year-round, the central area is cold in the winter and hot in the summer, and the southern region has a Mediterranean climate.

Most of España has flat plains that surround rugged hills. The Pyrenees Mountains are located in northeastern España. España has islands in various locations, and territory in the neighboring country Morocco.

Popular Food and Drink in España

Cochinillo Asado- roast suckling pig

Paella- a rice dish with seafood

Famous People From España

There are several people that you might not have known that come from España. Fernando Torres, Xavi, Gerard Pique, and Iker Casillas are Español soccer players. Antonio Banderas is a movie actor in many popular movies. Pablo Picasso is a famous artist that originated in España, and did the painting below.

Popular Phrases in España

vale- ok, yes

de eso, nada- no way

ide puta madrel- Great! Excellent!

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