Raina Telgemeier

Callie is a ordinary girl she loves theater and school plays. So she joins stage crew because she knows she is terrible at singing so does her best friend Liz. One day stetting up flyers for the school play she meets Justin & Jesse,Justin wants to audition for the leading man and so they have 4 weeks to practice and Jesse helps him by pretending to be the leading lady. Jesse dosen't want to be in the play so Callie tells him to join stage crew like her.And Justin tells Callie that is gay and Justin auditions and he dosent get the part he wanted but he gets another part since jesse helped him and west got the leading part and Bonnie got the leading lady and west found out that that Bonnie cheated so he broke up with her before their last preformance and she got emotional and didnt want to preforme and the alternate didnt show up so out of nowhere Jesse preforms as Bonnie and in the last preformance they have to kiss so West and Jesse kiss and West dosent know if he is gay or not and Callie is dissapointed but in the end Callie is happy being single and She becomes stage manager.

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