Michael Wayne Atha, better known as Yelawolf, had a hard life. He started using drugs at a very early age. He huffed glue and did PCP starting at age 11, which progressed into worse things like lacing his marijuana with cocaine at 13. He was born in Gadsen, Alabama December 30, 1979 and lived in housing projects, and was homeless while his "rockstar" Mom partied and did cocaine. Yelawolf has since stopped doing all drugs and has been become a heavy alcoholic. With Yelawolf's upbrining in trailer parks, and the way people see trailer parks today as being poor and only "bad people" live in mobile homes. Yelawolf's fame and success has shown the world that not everyone from a bad past is always a bad person. Yelawolf's most popular album has been Trunk Muzik 0-60, featuring songs like Daddy's Lambo, Pop The Trunk, and I Just Wanna Party. Yela's dark southern style of hip-hop has had a pretty big impact on the industry, but there will never be another like the one, the only, Catfish Billy (Yelawolf)

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