By: Lauren Johnston

This is a culture festival in Panama

One of the Caribbean island's in Panama

This is the Panama flag

This is a street in Panama


A popular breakfast in Panama are often deep fried corn tortillas, and sometimes Panamanian coffee.

Popular snacks and sides in Panama is Yuca Frita ( accompanies many foods, and tastes like a tropical french fry )

A dessert often had in Panama is Raspados ( a Panamanian snow cone topped with sweet syrups and condensed milk )

Facts about Panama

- Two neighboring countries of Panama are Costa Rica, and Columbia

- The population is 3.864 million

- In panama they speak a variety of Wounaan, Teribe, Embera, Kuna, and Ngobe-Bugle, but Spanish is official language

- The capital city of Panama is Panama city

- The currency in Panama is Balboa (one balboa equals one US dollar)

Popular places to visit

- Nivida Bat Cave

- Museo De Arte Contemporane

- Arte Cruz Volcan


"Que Xopa"= what's up

"Quemar" = unfaithful

"Jo!" = a type of exaggeration


- The mornings are usually pretty humid

- Not very much wind

- Average temperature is 82 degrees

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