ER Doctors

by: alondra martinez

Emergency doctors offer their services 24/7. They can treat various emergency cases that can be termed as a medical emergency. So, yes, this is the job where you are most likely going to be tired and surprised with many emergency problems like; heart attacks, broken bones, poisoning, burns, etc.

Required skills

Abilities needed is to maintain a fast pace, to be involved in team work and sometimes leading it, flexible in terms of working hours, breadth of knowledge , and most importantly is to function well under pressure. These skills are definitely required, because they may be very well used in a urgent situation. They can utilize in someone life, which if a ER Doctors priority.

Educational Requirements

Step one onto becoming an ER Doctor would be to earn Bachelor’s degree, step two would be to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), step three is to earn a Doctor of Medicine degree, step four is to get a license to practice medicine, and final step is to complete a residency. For undergraduate prerequisite courses it’ll take about 2-4 years. For medical school will take 4 years, and it’ll take as much years needed to complete an Emergency Medicine Residency. Overall, it’ll take about 6-8+ to become an official ER Doctor. One of the most recommended medical school, that offers all the educational requirements would be Harvard University.

Salary Expectations

Becoming an ER Doctor the salary wage would be about $91K. Later as more hours come in, with more experience the salary wage would raise to 150K-310K. The median salary wage is $200,941.

Future Outlook

Getting a job as an Er Doctor is extremely hard, because they expect a lot from one person. Many study to become one, and may quit due to stress levels. Er Doctors are most likely to have stress high liability, and not much of a social life, because of the hours and hard work they put in to their jobs. There are millions of jobs occupied, but many are available everyday, because of the people quitting. This career has no chance of dying out soon, because there will always be emergency problems that need medical care. ER Doctors are very important when it comes to emergency care because it can mean life and death.

Benefits of becoming a ER Doctor

Although there are some dis-advantages to  becoming a ER Doctor, there are definitely great benefits to becoming  one like:

  • Long and short term disability (own occupation)
  • Occurrence malpractice coverage, including tail
  • Fully funded pension in 401(k)
  • CME account ($8k annually)
  • Flexible savings plans
  • Life insurance for self and spouse

Similar Careers

Being a Er Doctor is not for everyone, but if it'd not fit for you, don't give in. There are other job opportunities that require the same skill like a Pediatrician. Pediatrician is the branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. ER doctors deal with various ages and emergency cases, but a Pediatrician only deals with children. But, they both are doctors and have to have experience in the medical field.

Why you picked this career to explore

Reasons in picking this career is, because I've always wanted to be a doctor since I was little. I was obsessed with doctor shows like Grey’s Anatomy, and have experience with family illness. My family have encountered severe cases where immediate attention was needed, and being vulnerable at those times encouraged me more to learn about the medical field.



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