Tabby Johnson


My family had a major part in socializing me both when i was younger. One of the people who really impacted this was my older sister Samantha. I was taught a lot of lessons from her like how to share and how to act. My big sister also helped by allowing me to play with her and her friends who are all 4 years older than me. It taught me a lot on how i should act and what is acceptable. My Parents also helped a lot in getting me out and involved in many things. My dad got me involved in basketball and taught me how to play along with Sportsmanship  and the lesson that its not all about winning. When i was younger My family would often take me out to dinner where my mother taught me manners and how to act in public. Also living in Gahanna my whole life my mother would get me involved in many activities in the town to help me understand what is socially acceptable in different situations.  


Along with my family school taught me many more things in the social world. Elementary School is the first real Social situation that includes an every day schedule. There was a bell schedule that had to be followed and things that had to be done at a certain time so i learned time management. The teachers i had also helped in stall many social skills in me. Like how to interact with people and be more responsible. They also taught me how i should speak to certain people and that there is a time and place for things. My Grades in elementary school taught me to put effort into things and pay attention to those teaching me.


My Peers did a great deal in socializing me. When i was younger my friends taught me what was funny and how to act.  I was taught how to share and care for other people other than myself through my peers. Playing games in school with my friends would also teach me that there are rules to everything and you cant cheat them. Getting older my friends have taught me a lot about life. They have helped me see what is most important in life. also taught me a very important lesson on how people come and go and you have to accept that. Most people in my age group all have seen sponge bob and understand how important it is to have fun with your friends.  

Mass Media.

Mass Media has an effect on everyone. Weather it was a good or bad thing it had a major impact on my socialization. One of the major ways was movies and tv shows. Each Disney princess had a lesson or each tv show has a central theme they want to get across. This can come in many ways and could be either a good or bad theme. But they all still had an effect on me showing me what is most important to the world and how i can stand out and get ahead. Also the real news had an impact on me. When i was younger i can remember eating dinner in front of the tv with the news on with my parents. I was pretty aware of what was going on even if i didn't understand it. From watching News stories and with the help of my parents explaining i came to understand how lucky i was and that not everyone has the same opportunities as me.

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