Our Weekend in the Hills

November 1-3, 2013

We had perfect fall weather as we left for Hocking Hills. The pug was packed, and we were ready for a weekend away from everything. No cell service- yay!

Cabin in the Woods

Our cabin was nestled in the woods with nearby trails, scenic views and breathtaking colors. After we arrived, we explored our backyard and played with the pug. She loves jumping in the leaves and was curious about her new surroundings.

On the way, we picked up some Great Lakes Christmas Ale which is a necessity during the fall and winter in Ohio. It feels like we've officially kicked off the holiday season. :)

Adventures in Ziplining

This was my first time ziplining, and I must say, it was awesome. We zipped at Hocking Peaks Adventure Park, which also offers disc golf, paintball and obstacle courses. After my first zip I got the hang of the harnesses, how to brake and how to speed up on the line (no hands!). I can't wait to go again!

A Short Video of Matt Ziplining

Matt ziplined once before while he was in Tennessee, so he was a natural.

Caves & Nature

We had a chance to explore the beauitful area around the Hills, and visited Old Man's Cave. Old Man's Cave derives its name from the hermit Richard Rowe who lived in the large recess cave of the gorge. It's absolutely gorgeous. The Upper and Lower Falls cascade onto the beautiful layers of rock and moss. The vivid colors are the perfect backdrop for photos.

We had dinner at a local restaurant Grouse Nest, which we found in the middle of the woods after many slow turns (I'm glad we had a Jeep). Dinner was locally grown and delicious. Perfect way to end a long day.

Our trip was the perfect way to spend a fall weekend in Ohio. There are so many options for cabins, chalets and B&B's in Hocking Hills, so if you haven't been, book a trip soon.