moons importance bhh
Yuni Méndez
2nd hour

this is not a picture you would always see. You could always see different types of moons anytime but not this one. From earth it looks like it doesn't change but if you really pay good attentions  it dose really change.

                                                               Moon role

These are the moons that you cans this is how they change every single time you see a moon change it is really cool when you see different moons almost everyday that they change or see that it change.  


 This is an example of a low and high tides, and how a moon changes when you see it from a different view.


This is a tide that occurs in different times and different days. They change every day when a eclipse is or a different month or their is a full moon or a new moon or when their is a blooded mom (as the red moon).

Here is an example of how it would look like. These are how it would go.

finally this is an example of how the moons changes every time during the year. They start at the new moon and from their they begin to go  around earth.  the moon gose around the earth axis to see the day and night.

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