Why Am I With TTO

My Story

I'm Katya, call me Kate. I'm 26 and I come from Belarus.

It's been a long  way  to a decision I've made to become a TTO: I worked as a make-up artist,  a shop assistant and even  as a casino cashier!

I've been trying to find the niche, the place where I belong. When teaching at a secondary school I found out that this was what I love doing: TEACHING ENGLISH.

When I became a stay-at-home mother my students still wanted to learn from me. And having sessions live online was a good way to do that as I moved far away from the place I taught English at.  And I just loved the idea! That's why I'm with you, TTO!

Inspired by Sylvia Guinan

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3 years ago

Tackk is nice! It can be used for projects, collages and feedback. Thank you for the idea, Sylvia!