Country of France

By: Michaela Stubbs

-The process of integration and interaction through trade between nations and countries.

Natural Resource Map of France
Transportation Map of France
Population Map of France

My pencils from France were made from natural resources in Italy (such as wood from trees).

a.) A claim that I can make when looking at my maps is: France is a very populated and busy country. Another claim is: we get a lot of resources from France/do a lot of trading with France. Items such as steel, iron and aluminum.
b.) Population patterns are: Paris, Marseilles and Lyon are the 3 most populated cities of France.
c.) France obtained wood from Italy, then once they got it, they manufactured the pencils in the factories, then shipped them out to the US. Then, shipped to local stores like: Staples. Which is how I received the pencils, and I now use at my house and school.

There are 4 different categories Globalization can fall under. Those 4 categories are: Culture, Economics, Environmental and Technological.
a.)   Environmental- Hurts nature and the environment(air/ocean), both are being polluted when ships are used to transport the goods. Solution- Use less ships, more non-fuel machines/transportation.
Technological- When they're shipped by car transportation, the gas & fumes effect our oxygen, also making the ozone layer diminish. Solution- Use less car/truck transportation. If close enough, and depending on item, you can use bikes.
Economic- It is VERY expensive to do all of this trade between countries and also shipping the items out. For example, one of the most expensive trades with US was $81 million. Solution- Change the way of transportation.
Culture- Some citizens do not like international trade. They want their belongings and items to be form their own country/nation. Solution- Change their opinion, they can depend on items from different countries.

The relationship I have with Globalization is that I have many different objects/items from other nations.
I have different items such as clothes, makeup and my phone that are from different countries. This is due to Globalization.
b.) Good things about Globalization are: I get many cool items from different countries around the world, and some bad things about Globalization are: due to all of the transportation the world gets more and more polluted.

I think Globalization will become more involved or more dramatic in 5 years. I think there will be more/new technology that will make transporting the goods easier and faster to many places, but will still hurt our environment.
I believe that my children's educational experience will be close to the same as mine is now. I think we could possibly get newer technology that will make learning easier, yet different.

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