HCMS Poetry - Turn In To eBackPack

Scroll down to see the app specific guides to turning in with eBackPack on this site.

In eBackPack you can turn in a variety of formats. PDF, Keynote, MP4 and MOV (video), ect. Most apps will allow you to EXPORT (box with the arrow pointing up) and save to a specific location in eBackPack.


If you don’t see eBackPack listed as an App, look for “Other Application”, the icon is the App Store icon.

Explain Everything: touch the folder in bottom right with the up and down arrow, “Export to…”. In the top bar select “PDF file” if there isno audio, “Video File” if there is audio. Next select “More” in the bottom right of the gray box, then “PDF open in…” or scroll down for “MP4 open in…”. Name it appropriately and click “OK”. Then select eBackPack from the list of apps (you may have to click one of the “more…” if eBackPack does not automatically show in your list).

The process is relatively identical across apps.