D.B. Cooper Mystery

The Details

A man calling himself Dan Cooper boarded a plane in Portland, Oregon for Seattle.  Mid flight he told a flight attendant that he had a bomb on the plane and that he wanted $200,000 and four parachutes.  The plane landed in Seattle and the passengers got off of the plane in exchange for his wants.  The plane took off again with some crew members and Cooper toward Mexico.  Mid flight, Cooper jumped out of the back of the plane with the money and a parachute and was never found again.  

The Mystery

The disappearance of D.B. Cooper, where did he go? Did he die?

The Sources

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The Victim

The victims of this crime are The Airline, the passengers, the crew, and whoever had to pay the ransom.

The Suspects

There are many suspects when it comes to this case, including: Bobby/Barb Dayton, Duane Weber/John C. Collins, Kenny Christiansen, William Gossett, Sheridian X, Don X, KD Braden, and LD Cooper

The Evidence

Although there is not a lot of evidence to be used to solve the crime, there are the witnesses, witness sketches, a note indicating D.B. Coopers wants, the ransom money, and a titanium particle from his clip on tie.  

The Proposed Narrator

The narrator will most likely be an FBI agent assigned to the case

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