Palm Oil Plantations

Indonesia and Malaysia

Should Palm Oil Plantations Be Stopped

There is two parts in this story, to stop and not to stop the palm oil plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Palm oil plantations are killing and endangering the harmless specie of orangutans, they do not deserve to be treated like that. The palm oil plantations are also killing the natural habitat of Indonesia and Malaysia which we need to have for the survival of orangutans.

The palm oil plantations are also keeping workers out of loosing their jobs which the need money for food, water, clothes and allot of stuff for their family. If they loose their jobs then they get less money for their life.

Their is a conclusion, sustainable palm oil plantations, this way the palm oil plantations will move and only take up a little bit of the forest and then the orangutans habitat will be saved and they will leave without fear.

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