Would you rather be the master or servant?  

Are you a culinarian?

Mise en Place

To put in place

Vital to success in the kitchen…

What if I told you that your first assignment was to cater an event for 1200 guests on Monday, August 22nd?  Not only prepare the food, but plan it, set it up, manage it, clean it up…and all the other little jobs that come along…???  


We will be catering open house for LHS!

We have two class periods to get this completed…Welcome to the Industry!!!

Open House Menu

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Cheesy Ranch Chex Mix

  • Chocolate Brownie Sheet Cake
  • Lemonade and Water

Open House Lab

Our first lab will begin tomorrow.  You will see a sample recipe sheet, mise en place (MEP) sheet, and the lab grading rubric.  In future labs, it will be your responsibility and a requirement to complete this work PRIOR to participating in the lab.  It is an expectation for this lab that you work at least one 30 min. shift during this catering event on August 22nd from 5pm-8pm.  I will send around a sign-up sheet to work.

You must be in full uniform

You must have gloves on

I will need your help with set-up, FOH/BOH during the event, and CLEAN UP!!!  

                                            THIS LAB IS WORTH 55 POINTS!  

                                      25 points for the lab, 30 points for the event


Culinary I & Culinary II will be preparing the chocolate chip cookies... 576 cookies to be exact!

Come in, get in uniform.

Prepare area-dish water, dish towels, etc…


Mise en place


Store food

Clean up

We will discuss our first lab and go over plans for the event at the end of class...

Let's get started!

  • Kitchen Tour
  • Digital scales demo