5 line poems
By Alexis Gloria


Happiness is when I am hyper  .
Happiness is green like my science book.
It happens when I am shocked or when i've had a lot of sugar.
It sounds like a teenage girl just seen her favorite Boy band or celebrity. When I am happy it spreads.


Hello I say as I walk into the doctors office.
How are you says the doctor as I step on the tape line testing my eye sight.
He says his hypothesis is that I am Triskaeeta.
He is right I am thirteen years old.
I wish I was in good shape and didn't have cancer I wish I was an Altron and could lift trees and have super powers.


Hypothesis' we wouldn't have much of a life without them.
Scientists wouldn't have there own experimental guesses.
we wouldn't be able to guess or communicate. Everything would have to be a fact or an opinion.
It would be a boring science experiment to not be able to see if you were right about the outcome at the end of the experiment. Without this subject there wouldn't be any randomness on a test or quiz, which means lower grades sometimes so I am thankful for this word.

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