Human babies are one of the weakest types of babies in the world. They are also the most intelligent babies as well.

Animal Babies

Animal babies are not as intelligent as human babies but. The reason that animal babies can walk after a few months is because. The human babies are suppose to be in the womb but, they can't stay in the womb any longer because if they do their head will grow to big and can't come out.

Human Babies

Human babies are the most intelligent of all babies. They can do so many things that four through hundred year old can't do like. Understand foreign language, understand basic math, or recognize faces that are messed up.

Why Human Babies are the Weakest Babies

Human babies (like I said before) come out of the wound very early. Also they don't have any defense mechanisms or camouflage. All they can do when they are born is cry and flail their arms around.

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