How People use Social Media and Technology

In today's day and age, many people use Social Media. They use Social Media for many things. Those things range from staying in touch with people to expressing themselves. Most people surveyed used Social Media everyday.

As you can tell by this picture, majority of the people surveyed have a Social Media account.  

As shown by this chart. The people who use Social Media use a variety of Social Media programs.

All the people surveyed own a piece of technology. Most of the people who surveyed use these pieces of technology to chat with their friends.

This picture shows that rather than seeing something cool with our own eyes, we would rather see it behind a computer or phone screen.

I personally that Social media is a bad thing. We, the human race, are losing the ability to talk face to face anymore. With all the texting and instagraming. We no longer have time for a normal conversation, without a phone in front of our faces Now don't get me wrong technology is a good thing. We can use it to have a conversation with people that we normally don't see/talk to on a daily basis. But to much of it is what is bad for us. Slowly but surely, humans are becoming less social. We will spend more time behind a computer screen than in front of another human. Also technology is slowly making us a dumber species. All the rings and dings push out other information that we have learned (as shown in the video below).

I created the survey to see how many people used Social media. I made the questions to show how people used social media. So I can support the video in saying that people use technology in general, a little too much and are becoming less social beings. The survey was created to show that many people use social media, a little too much than they should. Keeping up with their friends status and texting their friends. This is why I created the survey the way that I did.

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