Using DreamBox to Support Instruction


  • Review of Best Practices & Student Routines
  • Setting Engagement Restrictions
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Using Data for Student Grouping
  • Assign Focus
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    Monitoring Student Progress

    1. Log into your dashboard and open your class.

    2. Look at your students in the Navigation Pane (left side/navy blue).

    What is the ratio of students with a green indicator?

    Do you have students with an orange alert?

    If ‘yes’, what does it tell you when you hover over it?

    Does the messaging change for each student?

    How are the green and orange indicators reflected in the Classroom Overview?

    3.Looking at the students in the Overview Table:

    Who has completed the most lessons in the last 7 days?

    Who has not made their goal or has a lower lesson completion than you would expect? Why?

    How do I help? (Select that student and you will go to their Overview. You will see the lessons they have been working on.)

    Using Data for Student Grouping

    1. Looking at the Grid View, what grades are your students working in?

    2. Common gap?

    3. What is the most common subject your students are working on in DBL?

    4. Switch to the Grouping View to sort your students.

    5. What is the most common subject your students are working on in DBL?

    6. Think of what is coming up in your scope and sequence.

    Find that standard/concept in the grouping view of the Standards.

    Do you have students already working in that concept?

    7. Think of how you could differentiate instruction based on the formative assessment data in DreamBox.  What might be a precursor skill to what you are going to teach?  

    Vertical Alignment Guide

    8. What does the data tell you?

    Assign Focus

    AF Activity – find a concept you are about to teach or a precursor. Using the sample lessons, play a few problems in each area: Not Started, In Progress, and Review.

    What do you notice about the lesson progression?

    Provide Feedback

    We love feedback from our educators who take part in DreamBox webinars and onsite sessions! Please use the link below to provide feedback on your DreamBox session.

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