Kenneth Huynh
5th Period
ACA Technology

Digital Bill Of Rights
Why Learning Is Awesome

                          Other people are learning, so why can't we learn, too?

     Times are changing. And fast. As further advances in technology are made, advances in humanity must be made, as well.

------------------------------------------------------ SECTION I: Digital Access

     More and more people are starting to use technology. Society needs to be aware that some people still don't have technology. In order to become productive citizens, technology must be distributed to people all over the world, especially those with poorer conditions than other citizens.

------------------------------------------------------ SECTION II: Digital Commerce

     Technology users are going out less. Why? Because of online shopping, or, Digital Commerce. With a single click, people can have goods shipped directly to their home. They no longer need to step outside of the house. Why go out for groceries when you can just choose some groceries and then have it shipped on the same day? Digital Commerce gives people power.

------------------------------------------------------SECTION III: Digital Communication

     People nowadays can literally be the best of friends without ever seeing each other's faces. That friend at school? You don't have to say goodbye anymore. With the technology we have today, people never have to physically communicate. We could just use social medias. However, this increases privacy issues, as you can set up an online date, and your "date" just so happens to be an infamous drug dealer.

------------------------------------------------------ SECTION IV: Digital Literacy

     Many schools have started to catch up with today's tech. Some are even electronic classes where students just have to answer questions from home. Some technologies have even made their way into the military, medicines, and many businesses. Being able to send and receive information in an instant, I don't see why not.

------------------------------------------------------SECTION V: Digital Etiquette

     Technology is awesome, right? Not always. Digital Etiquette is important when surfing the Web. For example, have you ever messaged someone, and accidently hit the CAPS Lock button? The other person will start thinking that you've started shouting at them, and will usually return with more caps.

------------------------------------------------------Section VI: Digital Law

     Digital Piracy is becoming very frequent these days. Who is there to stop them? No one. Technology is very uncontrollable. When digital pirates are caught, they are usually thrown into jail. If many people pirate, say, one of Disney's movies, they wouldn't make money off it anymore. Why pay to see the movie when you could see it from home? Movie snacks are way too overpriced, anyway.

------------------------------------------------------SECTION VII: Digital Rights & Responsibilities

    Imagine someone writes this wonderful, fantastic book that literally everyone on the Planet Earth enjoys reading, but doesn't know how to use copyright. That means that in an instant, anyone could buy all legal rights to that book, movie, or even business. Everyone would still say that the original writer wrote it, but that one guy who bought the rights will have proof that he/she owns it.

------------------------------------------------------SECTION VIII: Digital Health & Wellness

     So, you think you're smart? You have great grades, stay in school, eat right, but play hours and hours of video games? (Not a direct representation of yours truly, of course.) Your posture can directly support your health while playing games. Too many video games can harm your Health and Wellness, not just in real life. You can't simply drink a Health Potion and be perfectly healthy again.

------------------------------------------------------SECTION IX: Digital Security

     Hey, you. Yeah you, the one reading this sentence right now. Think you're safe, hiding in your pretty little home of wonderfulness? Think again. Hackers nowadays can practically do anything. From listening into your phone conversations to turning on your oven when no one's around, to even causing a city-wide blackout. Here's a little video from Game Theory for more information.

------------------------------------------------------SECTION X: Conclusion

     So, yes. Technology is pretty awesome. But then again, not so awesome. What do you think about today's tech? Do the pros outweigh the cons? All these deep thoughts, but without answers.

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3 years ago

Kenneth, you are a wonderful writer! You have worked hard to write your bill of rights, and I think that others will have a greater understanding of digital citizenship by reading your work! I'm so proud of your effort! I love your Einstein quote. What do you think we, as a society, can do to avoid becoming "dumber" among all these "smart technologies?"

3 years ago

@heathersanders thanks 😄