by Gaia & Martina

This is our schoolproject about the real story of Titanic for the project READ-ON. We have had the opportunity to read a lot this year, and Titanic is the most interesting book which we have read.


The Departure

Wednesday 10 April 1912.

At midday the Titanic sailed and began its first journey across the Atlantic Ocean. At 18.30 it made a stop in Cherbourg, France, and at 20.10 at Qeenstown, Irland.

At 11.30 a.m. the Titanic stopped 3 miles from Qeenstown, as a crew member and a photographer left the ship.

On Thursday 11 April, at 13.30 the Titanic left for New York.

Hitting an iceberg

On Sunday 14 April at 23.40, sailors Frederick Fleet and Reginald Robinson Lee launched the alarm.

The Titanic sank at 2.20 am: the ship was going too fast because they wanted to arrive in New York a day earlier. It didn’t succeed in dodging the impact with the Iceberg.

After the impact, capitan Edward John Smith and engineer Thomas Andrews carried out an inspection to check the conditions of the hull, so they understood that the ship was sinking. They fell the lifeboats, in which went up first all the children and then women of the first class. Men could leave only at the end.

The Rescue

The Titanic had 20 lifeboats. These could carry 1,178 people but there were 2,224 people on the ship, so for nearly half of the people on the ship there were no lifeboats.

The first boat (lifeboats 7) went into the sea at 12.55 am with 26 people on it. Lifeboat 1 could take 60 people but there were only 12 people in it. Lifeboat 6 had only 25 women and one sailor. Fifth officer went back with lifeboat 14 to help the people in the water but it was too late. Nearly everyone died. Harrold Lowe took only four people alive out of the sea.

The eight musicians didn’t manage to get onto the lifeboats. They stayed on the Titanic and played music: happy music, for worried people.

Who were the passengers?

The passengers of the Titanic, wanted to begin a new life in America. They were travelling on the most famous ship in the world. Some were going to meet their relatives in USA. On board the Titanic there were many rich people but also poor people, who worked hard for making ship go.

Life after the sinking of the Titanic

Millvina Dean, who was the youngest passenger on the Titanic, survived the wreck. She left the Titanic on lifeboat 10 with her mother and brother. Later they returned to England on another ship: the Adriatic.

It wasn’t easy for Anna Turja in America. She didn’t know any people there and she couldn’t speak English. A hospital doctor in new York wrote her name on her arm and he put her on a train to her brother in Ohio . Anna met her husband and they had 7 children.

This is the famous billboard of the film, in which the main protagonists are....

The film was a blockbuster and won several Oscar awards.


Why we reccomend this book




personal response

Finding the TITANIC:

In 1995 James Cameron went to see the Titanic under the sea and he got money to make his film. Cameron’s film, TITANIC, was very expensive; he needed 200 million dollars for it.

Not everything in the film is true, but most of it is. In 1997 most of the passengers of the Titanic were dead but one woman, Millvina Dean was still alive. She went across the Atlantic again, on a big fast ship. She looked out the sea and when she saw the Iceberg she remember about the Titanic.

to conclude we want to tell you about the Titanic's book which is very interesting because it explains us the real story about this terrible night.