how it forms

Wind passes over the Atlantic ocean water that is 80 degrees or over it turns into vapor then it condenses into large water droplets and falls creating cumulus clouds. Then that happens over and over again until it is a large thunderstorm then it releases its heat in the air. As the thunder storms grow higher and higher the cloud columns are cooling and getting unstable. And then as the clouds become warmer and warmer the pressure gets higher and higher causing winds to move outward away from the high pressure area. The movement and high pressure causes the air pressure to drop then that creates more thunderstorms. Then when the two storm winds mix it creates a funnel in the center of the storm. When the wind speeds get to 25-38 it is considered a tropical depression when the wind speeds become 39 miles per hour it is considered a tropical storm when the wind reaches 75 mph and is 50,000 feet high and 125 miles wide and the eye is 5 to 30 miles wide it is considered a tropical cyclone/ hurricane.  

historical comparison

Hurricane Katrina killed 3,666 120 billion dollars in damage category 3/New England in 1938 category 3 killed 682 peoples costed 306 million dollars.

The reason New England cost less was because there was less inflation back then things just cost less. the reason that less people got killed was because there were less people back then on the planet and let alone that area.

how have people prepared

people have prepared now a days by building stronger houses and having backup supplies that are vital people have also gotten radar and heads ups.

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