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Longitude and Latitude of Capitol Denmark- Copenhagen

55.6761 North 12.5683 East. Denmark is located right above Germany. Also it is too the left side of Sweden.


Denmark's type of government is a Constitutional Monarchy. Constitutional Monarchy is a form of government where a king or queen acts head of state. Margrethe The Second is the Queen of Denmark. She rightfully became queen after her Dad King Fredrick the 35. She became Queen of Denmark in January 14 , 1972.

This is Margrethe The Second


The population of Denmark is 5.614 Million.


Denmark's main language is Danish. The other languages are Greenlandic, German, Faroese. The sports Denmark plays Football (Soccer), Swimming, Gymnastics, Handball, and Badminton.

What the Flag Means

Denmark's flag represents Christianity in Denmark.

Physical Geography

  • Denmark is located in the Northern Europe, bordering The Baltic Sea and The North Sea. It is also on a peninsula North of Germany.
  • Denmark is about twice the size of Massachusetts.
  • The terrain is low and flat, rolling plains.
  • Denmark highest point is 173 meters above sea level.

Timeline of Denmark

National Anthem of Denmark

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