Every elegant woman knows that accessorizing an outfit is never complete without that perfect necklace, bracelet, ring or pair of earrings. It’s simply essential, whether it be for a night-out, a special occasion or simply running an errand during the day. Fashion has evolved tremendously in the last decades, each significant to its own style and trend but one thing that has never changed is the love of hand bags. It doesn’t matter if the bag is designer or not, it’s the perfect accessory to completing any outfit. The choices are endless and we all have our favorite bag that simply matches everything. Accessorizing bags have hit the streets for a while now, whether it’s a charm, a chain or even a monster like Fendi’s monsters. Those little monsters have caught up with the mainstream fashion world and they are simply a must have amongst many fashionistas. Well don’t search long, a new accessory has hit the market and not only are they furry, they’re cute, wild and simply charming. Yes ladies, it’s the Tchi Tchi doll!

These cute little doll-like figures are the creation of an outstanding personality and a fashion expert for Lebanese TV, Fadia Dekmak of LBC. The dolls are her creation to add an element of luxury and style to all handbags. Born in June of 2014, these dolls are a must-have addition to any outfit.

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“I wanted to do something not related to my career as a TV presenter, I first intended to create dolls for little girls and as I went along with the process I was searching for the right material for the doll, the ideas started flowing. I made two samples then started an Instagram page displaying them. I began reaching out to some fashion bloggers in Dubai and Beirut and the feedback was amazing, they fell in love with it and I went ahead with creating more due to the amount of orders we got. So I decided to expand the team after just starting with a seamstress and myself to include a group of women, all helping create Tchi Tchi and make it better everyday.”

Creating the dolls took a while for the designer, starting off with choosing the style, the size, the face and what not. The intention was not to have it look like a teddy bear, but more of a girly figure customized for all different types of buyers. The designer made the choice to go with real fox fur for the hair along with Swarovski crystals and pearls to adorn each outfit. All Tchi Tchis are handmade and can be customized to each person’s liking. The hair colors are black, brown, fuchsia, pink, purple, dark navy blue, grey and the whitest of white for the winter season. As for the fabric and dresses or jumpsuits (yes ladies, I said mini jumpsuits), each is different from one another, lace, dantel, sequins...etc. The designer wanted to create a variety to suit the taste and budget of each buyer, the couture doll is most expensively adorned with 75 crystals covering every inch of the dress in the most fashionable manner.

“I was recently in Paris visiting Hermes searching for a specific bag, all eyes were on my TchiTchi doll. It grabbed so much attention and adoration from everyone in the store, and the guys around me were begging me to create a male Tchi Tchi for them as well. I was given the best treatment, I was really shocked and felt amazingly happy, and because of my Tchi Tchi, I got the bag that I wanted right there and then instead of waiting two years to get it. They called me Ms. Tchi Tchi too,” said Fadia in the happiest tone.

The face of each Tchi Tchi is simply charming, starting with open eyes, then closed eyes with long lashes and ruby red lips. The designer has made it quite evident that she wanted to put her own personal feminine and girly touch in each doll.

It takes 10-15 days for each doll to be made, the precision and time it takes for each Tchi Tchi results in the perfection of details of each individual doll. The designer is involved with each product from start to finish making sure that each Tchi tchi is just perfect.

True to her words, each doll is very significant and has grabbed the attention of top fashionistas all over the world from Hong Kong to Columbia. Some of Fadia’s clients include Lady Fozaza, Joelle and many other top shots from the GCC region.

Tchi Tchi dolls will not be found in any boutique in the GCC region, the designer specifically intends for them to be exclusive and rare in the sense that no mass distribution is in the works. As for future plans for Tchi Tchi, Fadia intends to expand the line to perhaps include male dolls and a Tchi Tchi bag too. TchiTchi can be delivered worldwide and customers can place an order through +96170722292. The designer doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to details, even the packaging has her personal touch, the face on the boxes, all resemble the designer herself. Follow Fadia and Tchi Tchi on her Instagram page, TchiTchidoll for the latest updates. Tchi Tchi is here to stay!

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