Scientific Revolution


  • There were originally two concepts of the universe
  • The first was Ptolemaic which stated the the Earth was stationary and was the center of the universe
  • The second is by Copernicus which is the Copernican theory, where he stated that the sun was actually the center of the universe
  • Galileo was an intelligent astronomer, his theory followed that with which was the Copernican theory. He found dark spots on the sun which indicated that the sun revolved. He introduced the microscope and telescope as well, where he used it to find Jupiter's 4 moons. Moreover, he demonstrated the Properties of Gravity (leaning tower of Pisa).
  • Kepler discovers the laws of planetary motion to describe the form and function of planetary orbits.
  • Rene Descartes discusses how motion may be represented as a curve along a line, defined by its relation to planes.
  • Issac Newton took together theories of Galileo and Kepler. He made Newtons laws of motion after it started with his famous story with the apple.
  • Although Boyle's work wasn't accurate, he published the Origin of Form and Qualities, which is the study of matter on atomic level.
  • Alfonso Borelli publishes the application of mechanical laws to the human organism
  • Salem Witch Trials takes place in Massachusetts.

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