Native American Rain Dance

this type of dance was created in the southwestern region when it was quite dry. this ritual is still performed by some indian tribes today.

native americans usually performed this ritual to their gods during the planting season before the harvest

Some tribes wore long headdresses while others wore masks. They often painted their body, as well as wore beads, animal skins, horse and goat hair, feathers, embroidered aprons, and jewelry made of leather, silver, and turquoise.

this dance was performed by men and women standing in two different lines and making zigzag pattern

this dance is performed during the crop season to bring rain to crops

the drums and flute or the most used instrument to play the type of music. it sounds like flute playing but the drum in the background

Since the droughts could bring serious problems for the Native Americans in southwest America, rain was essential for their survival and their food crops.

some native americans still perform it today at american native festivals to demonstrate to other cultures and tribes how its done.